Luxe Original Letter Bracelet (4mm)

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Introducing one of our bestsellers; our luxe, handmade, customised name bracelet available in 14ct gold filled, rose gold filled and sterling silver beads. Or why not try a combination?

The 4mm gold filled bracelets are comprised of a thick layer of 14ct gold over a solid brass core. It is delicate as the bead hole is smaller therefore the elastic width must be thinner than what we use on our standard glass bracelets. This bracelet comes with a 5mm bead at the tie. This is a very special piece which can be worn all of the time. The beads last longer than gold plate as there is a lot more gold involved and stands up to wear and tear better.

Choose numbers, letters and / or a dot (.)

None Double Blue +£0.50 Dark Blue +£0.50 Turquoise +£0.50 White Blue +£0.50 Clear +£0.50 Light Pink +£0.50 Pink +£0.50 Red +£0.50 Black +£0.50 Purple +£0.50 Yellow +£0.50 Green +£0.50 Dark Green +£0.50 Brown +£0.50
None Black +£0.20 Red +£0.20 Purple +£0.20 Pink +£0.20 Turquoise +£0.20 Orange +£0.20 Blue +£0.20 Green +£0.20 Black Outer +£0.20 Lime Outer +£0.20 Orange Outer +£0.20 Purple Outer +£0.20 Yellow Outer +£0.20 Pink Outer +£0.20
None 14ct Gold Filled Moon +£3.00 14ct Gold Filled Heart +£3.00 14ct Gold Filled Textured Heart +£3.00 14ct Gold Filled Star +£3.00 Rose Gold Filled Heart +£3.00 Sterling Silver Star +£2.00 Sterling Silver Moon +£2.00 Sterling Silver Heart +£2.00

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Small: 15cm, Standard 16.5cm, Large: 18cm (+£1)


Gold-filled and Sterling Silver beads are much more expensive than gold plated beads however the life span is less than solid gold metals. These bracelets can be worn all of the time.

5 reviews for Luxe Original Letter Bracelet (4mm)

  1. Lauren

    I got this bracelet after having my first baby and loved it so much that I got a second after my second child. I wear mine with a few other Love Ruby Ross luxe bracelets and always get so many compliments on my jewellery!

  2. Elizabeth Stutman

    I had this bracelet made smaller for me as I wanted to keep wearing it having lost some weight. It was such an easy process and now I am back to keeping my bracelet on 24/7. I love it own or with some gold jewellery.

  3. Melanie

    I have 3 stacking bracelets which I’ve worn every day since I got them. I never take them off. I love them and get so many compliments and they still look brand new xxx

  4. Chloe Alexander

    Absolutely love this bracelet. The gold beads give it that extra special touch. Perfect gift for a friend as well!

  5. Yasmin

    I got bought this bracelet from my sister in law after the birth of my second baby. She made it with both my boys initials on and I wear it everyday. It even helps me remember which side to breastfeed on as I swap it after each feed. Great present for a mum!

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