Luxe Gold Filled Set Of 3 Bracelets


We’ve put together three of our best-selling bracelets to sell as a set. Included in the set is our special 14ct gold filled sparkle eye bracelet (3mm beads), our luxe 14ct gold-filled accent bracelet (white bead bracelet with 14ct gold filled accent details) and our extra special, 14ct gold-filled, mother of pearl heart bracelet (3mm beads).

Handmade and perfect for stacking. The material comprises of a thick layer of 14ct gold over a solid brass core. It is delicate as the bead hole is smaller therefore the elastic width must be thinner than what we use on our standard glass bracelets. These bracelets are very special and can be worn all of the time. The beads last longer than gold plate as there is a lot more gold involved and stands up to wear and tear better.

*Worth £91, includes a free luxury presentation box and upgraded signed delivery, saving almost 8%

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