Candy Personalised Bracelet


This is our handmade and customised Candy bracelet. This style comes with a heart bead and a larger heart at the tie. Customise the colour of the small heart bead in the options below and personalise with a name or word. Go even further by adding or changing the heart bead and adding charms.



Choose numbers, letters and / or a dot (.)

None Pink Outside Yellow outside Black Outside Orange Outside Lime Outside Purple Outside Red Heart Purple Heart Black Heart Pink Heart Turquoise Heart Bead Blue Heart Bead Orange Heart Bead Green Heart Bead
None Diamanté Heart Silver +£1.00 Diamanté Letter Silver +£1.00 Silver Coloured Letter +£1.00 Silver Sparkle Star +£1.00 Silver Eye Sparkle +£1.00 Silver Hamsa Circle +£1.00 Luxe Wing +£1.00 Silver Hamsa +£1.00 Silver Hamsa Blue Eye +£1.00 Diamanté Heart Gold +£1.00 Diamanté Letter Gold +£1.00 Gold Coloured Letter +£1.00 Sparkle Hamsa Blue +£1.00 Sparkle Hamsa With Red +£1.00 Sparkle Hamsa Light Blue +£1.00 Gold Sparkle Star +£1.00 Gold Eye Sparkle +£1.00 Luxe Hamsa Circle +£1.00 Sparkle Gold Bee +£1.00 Gold Hamsa +£1.00 Pearl Gold Hamsa +£1.00 Luxe Wing Rose Gold Colour +£1.00 Small Gold Colour Heart +£0.70 Gold Colour Outlined Heart +£0.70 Gold Colour Outlined Star +£0.70 Small Gold Colour Star +£0.70 Gold Colour Cross +£0.70 Gold Colour Moon +£0.70 Gold Colour Smiley Face +£0.70 Gold Colour Letter Circle Pendant +£0.70 Gold Colour Bee +£0.70 Gold Colour Eye +£0.70 Gold Colour Starfish +£0.70 Gold Colour Sun/Moon +£0.70 Gold Colour Shell +£0.70 Small Gold Colour Open Shell +£0.70 Large Shell +£0.70 Rose Gold Star +£0.70 Rose Gold Circle Letter +£0.70 Rose Gold Letter Circle Pendant +£0.70 Rose Gold Wing +£0.70 Silver Colour Star +£0.70 Silver Colour Heart +£0.70 Star of David +£0.70 Silver Colour Star Outline +£0.70 Silver Colour Charm +£0.70 Silver Colour Moon +£0.70 Silver Colour Letter Pendant +£0.70 Silver Colour Pendant +£0.70 Silver Colour Leaf +£0.70 Silver Colour Smile +£0.70 Silver Colour Larger Smile +£0.70 Silver Colour Eye +£0.70 Silver Colour Key +£0.70 Silver colour wing +£0.70 Blue eye +£0.70 Blue Charm +£0.70 Bestie Charm +£0.70 Best Friend +£0.70 Silver Colour Shell +£0.70 Butterfly +£0.70 Light Pink Butterfly +£0.70 Large Smile +£0.70 Rainbow +£0.70 Rainbow Unicorn +£0.70 Small Pink Flower +£0.70 White Flower +£0.70 Pink Flower +£0.70 Green Flower +£0.70 Purple Flower +£0.70 Blue Starfish +£0.70 Leaf +£0.70 Small Pink Heart +£0.70 White Heart +£0.70 Colour Unicorn +£0.70 Dual Tone Unicorn +£0.70

So you’ve chosen a charm already but you want some more… Simply select how many more in the box below & tell us the colour in the notes section

Additional information


Small: 15cm, Standard: 16.5cm, Large: 18cm (+£1)


Colours will fade over time as these are painted glass & charms are plated metals and will tarnish- follow our care instructions noted clearly on the Care section to give your beads the longevity they deserve


Colours and charms may often go out of stock, therefore are subject to availability, we will be in touch with you should we need to make any amendments to your order.


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